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New Technologies on the Horizon      O’Reilly, M.
Structured Medical Documentation in the OR        Heinlein, M
Anaesthesia Information Systems Rehman, M. Presentation
Current Clinical Problems in Interpreting Electrolytes, Acid-base and Metabolites Bunker, N. Presentation
Mathematical Modeling of Acid-base and Electrolytes –     The Modern and the Traditional Matousek, S.
Mathematical Modeling of Acid-base – Back to First Principles: Ion Equilibrium Theory  Wooten, W.  Presentation
Clinical Application of Acid-base Models, Calculation of Arterial Acid-base Status from Peripheral Venous Blood Rees, S.  Presentation
Educational Application of Electrolyte, Acid-base and   Metabolite Models – Simulation Based Text Books Kofranek, J.
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia – An Update Gurman, G. Presentation
Complications of Mechanical Ventilation with a Special  Emphasis on Ventilator Associated Pneumonia      Antonelli, M.
The Current Technologies and Solutions for Preventing  Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Hockey, P. Presentation
The ANAPNOGUARD – A New Comprehensive Solution     for Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Efrati, S.
Everyday Clinical Challenges       Koller, W.
Collecting Data – Making Information: Vendor's Major Problems in Implementing a PDMS in the ICU Wagner, C. Presentation
Personal Use of Information: Using a Smart Phone as a Remote Control for Anesthesia and ICU Lanza, V.
Using Information – Making Knowledge Available: Building Up an IT-Based Knowledge-Management-System for Industry Bornemann, M.
Personal and Technical Aspects of a Safe Patient Medication Pappert, D.
Analysing the Requirements for a Computer Based   Optimization of the Medication Process     Fuchs, D.
RFID and Smart Object Networks to Support   Safe Patient Medication and Transfusion   Sedlmayr, M.
A Retrofittable Anesthesia Agent Alarm  Shang, A.B.
Comparing the Predictability of BIS, Entropy and   NeuroSENSE During Anesthesia Induction   Bibian, S.
Can We Estimate the Influence of Remifentanil at   Loss of Consciousness?  Clément, F.
Predicting the Index of Unconsciousness Using Datamining Cailloux, O. Presentation
Predicting Haemodynamics of Painful Events Using Datamining Miranda, A.    
Sustainable Information of ICU Patient Familiy Members    Dollman, M.
Open Source Software in Health Information Technology    Serrierre, F.
A Web-Based Knowledge Database for SOPs       Gerber, D.
Ergonomic Strategies to Avoid Classical Implementation Failures   Sander, H.

Free Paper Sessions in Parallel: Innovative Solutions

Session 1:

Regional Anaesthesia in Virtual Environments   Ullrich, S.
A Multifunctional Endoscopic Platform with Detachable Probe Dai, C.-Y.
Effect Site Sevoflurane Levels for Airway Manipulations    During Rapid Wash-In Kennedy, R.
Comparison of Perfusion Index, T-Wave Amplitude and     Heart Rate as an Indicator for Intravascular Injection of  Epinephrine-Containing Test Dose in Anaesthetized Adults Huh, J. Presentation
Carbon Coated Two Dimensional Laser Beam Barcode     Engraving on Metal Surgical Tools Showed Better  Endurance against Scratching Lesions Morita, K. Presentation

Session 2
The Impact of an Electronic Reminder on the Administration of Pre-Operative Prophylactic Antibiotics Eden, A. Presentation
Design & Implementation of PCA Dosage Information Generator Kuo, I.-T.
Web-Based Electronic Data Collection System to Support  Patient-Controlled Analgesia Kuo, I.-T. 
Joint State and Parameter Estimation of an Ordinary Differential Equation Model of the Cardiovascular System from  Simulated Monitoring Data Using Particle Filters Zenker, S.  Presentation
INVENT – A Decision Support System for Managing Inspired  Oxygen - Prospective Evaluation in an Intensive Care Unit Karbing D.S. Presentation

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