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Impedance Cardiography: new algorithms relaunch an old technique B. Allaria
Early Experience on Remote Pressure Sensor Respiratory Plethysmography in Monitored Sedation D. Caldiroli
Ultrasound imaging integration with bedside monitoring and hospital networking

M. Ciboldi

SmartCaretm Evolution of intracranial pressure sensors. Any news ? G. Citerio
Ultrasound Guided Cannulation: A Novel Guidelined Practice G. D’Onofrio
Intraoperative coagulation monitoring: expanding the point of care (POC) philosophy A. De Gasperi
Cardiogenic vs Pulmonary Dyspnea: A Differential Approach With Brain Natriuretic Peptide (BNP) M. dei Poli
Evanescent Wave Catheter: New Phototechnology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care M. Doi
Active prevention of errors – Not collecting them Y. Donchin
Cuff Pressure Effects on Signal Amplitude Using the Teves Phonocardiographic Recording Endotracheal Tube: An In-Vitro Laboratory Study J. Doyle
Video Laryngoscopes And Video-Assisted Laryngoscopes J. Doyle
System Ergonomic Design of Clinical Work Places W. Friesdorf
Bedside assessment of tissue oxygenation and perfusion in septic patients. M. Girardis
Monitoring of propofol in breathing gas A. Hengstenberg
Examining the effect of positive end-expiratory pressure on gas exchange and lung mechanics D. Karbing
Modelling the relationship between gas exchange and lung mechanics D. Karbing
Clinical Evaluation of Continuous Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring with the Task ForceÒ Monitor during Cardiac Surgery S. Kroeber
Negative pressure applied to the foot decreases the body core-great toe temperature gradient V. Kulkarni
Neuroanesthesia Closed-Loop: Management Of Cerebral Function In Deep Anesthesia M. Lamperti
Emerging Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Applications in out-of-Hospital Scenarios N. Luca
Ergonomic Design of Clinical Work Places Finding the Right Management Balance I. Marsolek
Open Source PDMS Design For Intensive Care Unit J. Massaut
Border flux balance approach to acid-base status assessment S. Matousek
From gross anatomy to physiology and microstructure - where is MR going? L. Minati
Artificial neural networks in the assessment of respiratory mechanics G. Perchiazzi
Central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) monitoring – temptations and pitfalls A. Perel
Preoperative evaluation: available evidence and clinical practice implications M. Solca
Limits of heart rate variability analysis during conscious sedation associated with slow breathing: fast fourier transform vs autoregressive method. M. Vettorello
Tele-Assist System for Anaesthesia M. Walter
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