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Romania 2012

Applying Javascript and It's Variations in the Clinic Frank O'Connor
An Introduction to Physiological Modelling Stephen Rees Presentation
Nautilus : a new compact E.C.G based guidance system dedicated to real-time correct positioning of the tip of central venous catheters Serban Bubenek Presentation
Prognostic models: From development to clinical practice Lilian Minne Presentation
Comparison or different statistical models for Intensive Care length of stay Ilona Verburg Presentation
Prognostic scales ISS-RTS-TRISS and APACHEII in Decision support of treatment children with trauma Irena Vasilieva Presentation
Monitoring Respiratory Variations of Arterial Pressure: Traps and Pitfalls Steffen Rex Presentation
Hemodynamic Monitoring with the Transpulmonary Thermodilition Technique, The best is yet to come Karim Bendjelid Presentation
A lumped parameter delay differential equation model of large arteries that captures reflection phenomena and integrates with modular models of the cardiovascular system Sven Zenker Presentation
Cellular monitoring: A technological and creative challenge Bert Mik
Shedding Light on Mitochondrial NADH in Vivo: From experimental animals to clinical applications Avraham Mayevsky Presentation
Porphyrin-based in vivo mitochondrial respirometry Floor Harms Presentation
Effect of partial brain ischemia on the metabolic and hemodynamic response to hemorrhage hypotension measured in the brain and small intestine Avraham Mayevsky Presentation
Guyton at the bedside Jan Bakker
Physiological Data Stream Analytics to Evaluate Noxious Stimuli in the Newborn Infant Nadja Bressan
Anesthesia and Critical Care in a Helicopter Giulio Trillo
Interventional Vascular Procedures: Technology and Patient Care Wanda Popescu
The anesthesia implications of robotic surgery Rene Hagenouw Presentation
Anesthesia for Intraoperative MRI Keith J Ruskin
Situation Awareness in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Implications for the Design of Monitoring Devices Christian Schulz
Electrical Impedance Tomography Michael Czaplik Presentation
End expiratory lung volume Giacomo Bellani Presentation
Bed-side measurement of pulmonary gas exchange Stephen Rees Presentation
Improving medical data collection and processing using Web technology Frank O'Connor Presentation
Programmability of an Anesthesia Information Management System Nico van Schagen Presentation
Laryngeal mask in anesthesia Gabriel Gurman
Rees The use of peripheral venous blood for acid-base status Stephen Rees

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