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Netherlands 2010

ProHTA - Prospective Health Technology Assessment Peter Kolominsky
Development of a Novel Technology from Clinical Research Mattieu Jeanne
A new induction mask for infants and small children OR Columbus's egg in a new shape Gabriel M. Gurman
Tactile Displays for Patientenmonitoring in Anesthesia S. Pfeffer
Arden Syntax: Current state, experience, and trends for executing medical knowledge in intensive care Klaus-Peter Adlassnig
Linking Knowledge-based Functions to a Commercial PDMS - Achievements, Obstacles and Limitations Stefan Kraus
Modular decoupling of data acquisition from analysis and visualization in acute care monitoring to facilitate evaluation and implementation of new derived parameters and visualization techniques: concept and prototype implementation Sven Zenker
Teletherapeutic drug administration: Closed-loop control of propofol as an example Harald Ihmsen
Computation and Monitoring of CO2 Elimination fo 'Open Lung' Recruitment Anake Pomprapa
Fuzzy Control of Tidal Volume for ARDS Patients in Closed-Loop Ventilation Anake Pomprapa
A knowledge- and model-based system for automated weaning from mechanical ventilation - Technology Dirk Schädler
Predictive Modeling and Simulation for Quality improvement in Critical Care Niels Peek
Cutaneous motochondrial respirometry in rats Floor A. Harms
Delayed fluorescence lifetime technique: exploring the use of PpIX for monitoring cellular metabolism in different types of tissue for clinical applications Sander I.A. Bodmer
Hemodynamic features of cerebral aneurysms that Influence to Rupture Y. Qian
Integrated Pharmacometrics from Pharmacodynamic Data Christian Jeleazcov
Population Pharamcokinetics in Anesthesia Teijo Saari
Estimating plasma albumin concentration from the buffering properties of blood Stephen E. Rees
Simulated critical incidents: anaesthetists' experience, workload and visual attention C.M. Schulz
Optimization of Emergency Management in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes in Big Urban District Through Generalized Net Models Mikhail Matveev
Mass casualties tend to overrun any hospital is a common error! Roland Inglis
Teaching the teacher - why is it so important? Gabriel M. Gurman
Teaching anesthesia - make it attractive Vojislava Neskovic
Case-based teaching - secrets and pitfalls Miodrag Milenovic
Electronic patient monitoring data archive derived from Philips Intelivue System via HL7 protocol for the measurement of continuous cardiac output Sergei B. Arseniev
Heart rate variability LF/HF ratio: impact of paced respiration on PSD estimation techniques Thorsten Schaffer
Identifying Ergonomic Requirements of ICT for Healthcare Working Systems Heike Leutheuser
Anaesthesia Information Management Systems: Comparison of functionality, operability and economic efficiency Andreas Eisenried
Comparative Theoretical and Experimental Analysis Methods Applied to Hand-Arm System Subjected to Mechanical Vibrations Aurora-Felicia Pop
Comparative analysis of methods of hand-arm system subjected to vibration by mechanical modeling and simulation Aurora-Felicia Pop

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