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Netherlands 2010

The role of physiological models in critiquing mechanical ventilation treatment Soraya Abbasi Presentation
Real-time detection of suppression in EEG Stephane Bibian
Clinical experience with perioperative non-invasive beat-to-beat arterial blood pressure monitoring Christa Boer Presentation
Infusion Rate Control Algorithm for Target Control Infusion using Optimal Control Nadja Bressan
Rule-based evaluation for the patient-controlled Analgesia clinical effectiveness  Chih-Yen Chiang
Professional design of clinical working systems according to human factors Wolfgang Friesdorf
CAROLA: An open source PDMS, after 25 years still experimental? Fred de Geus Presentation
The effects of Stress and hemispheric lateralization on managerial decisions Yori Gidron
Value of central or mixed venous O2 saturation in guiding treat­ment in the intensive care unit Johan Groeneveld
Professional stress and the anesthesiologist-how evident is it? Gabriel M. Gurman
Salivary cortisol as a measure of professional stress; an overview and a description of a study with paramedics Eliahu Heldman
Implementation of a standards-based, CDA-compliant anesthesia record Martin Hurrell Presentation
Analgesia Nociception Index Online Computation And Preliminary Clinical Test During Cholecystectomy Under Remifentanil-Propofol Anaesthesia Mathieu Jeanne Presentation
Pharmacodynamic modeling of changes in pulse waveform during induction of propofol anaesthesia in volunteers: comparison between invasive and continuous non-invasive measurements of pulse pressure Christian Jeleazcov
Assessing Performances of Glucose Control Algorithms on a Set of Virtual ICU Patients Pierre Kalfon
Automation and automation surprises: lessons from aviation. Should health care brace itself? Cor Kalkman
Use of the INVENT system for standardized quantification of clinical preferences towards mechanical ventilator settings Dan S Karbing Presentation
Moods and burnout among physicians: associations with prescribing medications communicating with patients, and referrals for specialists and diagnostic tests Talma Kushnir
Non-invasive pulse contour cardiac output by Nexfin technology Johannes J van Lieshout Presentation
Monitoring Mitochondrial Oxygenation Egbert Mik
Absolute EIT coupled to a blood gas physiological model for the assessment of lung ventilation in critical care patients Suzani Mohamad Samuri Presentation
Decision-support for clinicians-how to implement Alan H. Morris Presentation
A Linux-based anaesthesia workstation Dick Nickalls
A hospital for post-ICU patients on long term mechanical ventilation in JapanAtsushi Okamura Presentation
The Nexfin – a new non-invasive monitor for the measurement of continuous cardiac output Azriel Perel Presentation
Glucosafe - A model-based medical decision support system for tight glycemic control in critical care Ulrike Pielmeier
Identifying Ergonomic Requirements of ICT for Healthcare Working Systems   Beatrice Podtschaske Presentation
Safety through standardisation Martyn Read
The Current Status of the Automatic Lung Parameter Estimator Stephen E Rees Presentation
Components of Anaesthesia Information Systems Nico van Schagen Presentation
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to monitor tissue haemoglobin (and myoglobin) oxygenation Thomas W L Scheeren  
Foundation of tissue oxygenation: optimizing systemic blood flow by trans-oesophageal Doppler (TED) monitoring Patrick Schober  
Human factors in the OR Jan Maarten Schraagen
Reflectance spectrophotometry Lothar A Schwarte
Simulation in Healthcare - the technological perspective Eric Stricker
Probabilistic approaches to solving the inverse problem of state and parameter estimation for mechanistic models of physiology: from theory to practice Sven Zenker

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