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How to get process management flying? From process management requirements towards use-oriented tools Thomas Rose  
Do train drivers define time tables? Enabling workflows in anaesthesia and intensive care by strategic information management for hospitals and regional healthcare Alfred Winter
Workflow process support for the clinical routine - a comparative assessment of hospital Infomation System (HIS)

Ingo Marsolek

SmartCare TM - Optimizing workflow processes in citical care through automation Kai Kück  
Ventilation inhomogeneity- modeling and analysis of inert gas washout curves Anders Larsson
The value of real time pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling in clinical care Dwayne Westenskow  
Systolic pressure model Sjoerd Diepen  
Computer controlled estimation of nonlinear respiratory mechanics using clinically available measurements Yichun Zhao  
Simulation model of blood O2 and CO2 content and blood acid-base chemistry Jirí Kofránek
Pulse oximetry - its idea, theory and future Takuo Aoyagi
Optical sensing of mitochondrial NADH and microcirculatory function in critical care medicine Azriel Perel
Biosensors and nanotechnology: using light to glue biomolecules onto sensor surfaces Steffen B. Petersen
Duration and extent of the decline in SpO2 after bolus injection of indocyanine green Stefanie Kröber
Detection of flourescence in blood using fibre-optic catheter Matsuyuki Doi
Simultaneous analysis of clinical endpoints and signal-to-noise ratio identifies suitable EEG parametes for monitoring anaesthesia Christian Jeleazcov
Development of a full disclosure anesthesiological recording system Kaj Gigengack  
The details and connections of the PDMS/full-disclosure system currently in use Ab v. Dusseldorp  
Getting the most from clinical data through physiological modelling and medical decision support Bram Smith  
Telecritical care: the sutter health system experience Adam Seiver
Telemonitoring Peter Weller
amPHI TM - ambulance record-keeping system John Gade  
Point of care (POC) technology in an out of hospital emergency setting: limitation of a promising technology Giulio Trillo
How to best display physiologic signals and tehrapeutic interventions Dwayne Westenskow  
Consistent ergonomics- a precondition for optimal clinical working systems Wolfgang Friesdorf  
The promise of computer-aided ergonomics in intensive care John Rasmussen
Microdialysis - a sampling technique to measure biochemistry directly in the tissues Urban Ungerstedt
Base excess and critical care in the past and in the future Ivar H. Gøthgen  
Combining scenario analysis nad metadata to analyse patient workflows for common diseases Klaus Schipper
Network connected POCT analyzers - report of a RADIANCE implementation Berhard Pollwein  
Adaptive team coordination in anaesthesia teams: measures for diagnosis and improvement Gudela Grote  
Risk management in medicine: a change in culture Daniel Scheidegger
Informations improves risk management during a crisis Dwayne Westenskow  
Evaluation of graphical symbols used in intensive care units (ICU): comprehension amoung users in different countries Uvo Hölscher  
TREAT - a system for balancing antibiotic treatment against development of drug resistance Steen Andreassen  
Glucose regulation in the ICU using a CIS Rob Bosman  
Introducing computerized alert system into clinical practice in the OR and ICU Azriel Perel  
Instance-based reasoning for severity-of-illness scores Linde Peelen
Detection of ventilation by electrical impedance tomography during laparoscopic cholecystectomy in obese and non-obese patients Torsten Meier
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